We are a creative agency deeply rooted in the belief that every great idea and solution starts with a spark.

We exist to democratize creative services for everyone and to spark positive changes in culture and in life.

We strive to discover, nurture and empower creative talents remotely from across Indonesia to the world, and open up access for people to enjoy outstanding creative services through a transparent process, fair prices and solutions that meet their objectives.


This belief is at the core of everything we do, for the good of our clients, partners, colleagues, and ourselves.

Methodology Pillars

The way and the reason in which we do things determines everything.

There are 4 pillars of methodological conviction which act as our cornerstone and foundation since the beginning.

Depth & Quality

Asking “The Why” to discover intrinsic business purpose through a two-way consultative collaboration prior to producing creative output standards beyond reasoning.

Strategic Planning

Experience a decreased risk when planning commences from a grand overview before focusing into the design ops prioritization details to secure the specific goal.

Consistent & Measurable

Innovation centered means to experiment new ways of doing things and design new systems to maximize consistent yet trackable outputs efficiently.

Scale & Impact

Scaling designs through operation excellence allows us to focus on effective replication of impacts in projects.


Richard Fang

Richard Fang

Founder and CEO

Erwin Andreas

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Karen Kamal

Karen Kamal

Chief Operating Officer

Reagan Yoko

Reagan Yoko

Project Director


We believe in treating everyone right. The impact we strive to bring and what we do daily matters. For that, we are constantly searching for talented individual to grow our team.

Do what you believe in and do your absolute best.

View our current openings and join us.

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