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Content Creation Process With Structured Workflow




Nay Madani


Do you ever feel entertained or educated by the content you find on social media? Well, that’s a content creator job! But, behind that content you often enjoy, there is an intense process to produce relevant and engaging content for the audience—from planning and idea generation to execution. In this case, an effective content creation workflow is essential to ensure that all the content is high-quality and delivered on time.

Let’s dive into the content workflow and how you can develop it consistently. 

Why do you need a content workflow?  

The content team needs to understand the workflow before the finger hits the keyboard to finish a piece of content, so the project stays on track. Content workflows help the process of producing content run smoothly, ensure its accuracy and consistency, and meet the deadline. 

Doing so will make it easier for the creative team involved in the content-creating process to understand their responsibilities. People in all roles know where the content goes, so they know what to do when needed.

Content workflow for great content

Behind interactive content there is a long journey behind it that is carefully planned. First, departing from the content guidelines, you can arrange the content calendar. Then make a brief copy according to the topic plan in the calendar. After the copy is complete, the designer section will amaze the audience with superb visuals. Let’s break down the steps below!

1. Creating content guidelines

This guideline lays out everything you need to know about creating consistent content for a brand, from the description of the target audience and brand voice to the writing style—that way, the writer can determine the direction of the content.

2. Create a content calendar

Also known as an editorial calendar, a content calendar is a guide on “when” and “what” topics will be published. With this plan, we have a precise estimate of the content creation time so that the process can run smoothly. Moreover, content creators can see the marketing strategy for the next few weeks on one screen.

3. Start writing a brief or copy

Content guidelines and a content calendar will be the guide for writers at this stage. They will describe each topic according to the content calendar and follow the writing style that has also been chosen in the brand guidelines. In making the brief or copy, it is necessary to do content research for accurate results, and don’t forget to proofread before finalizing!

4. Effective and attractive visualization

This step is where the designers produce visuals according to the given context. Content writers also often contribute by providing visual references for the content, writing copy for the visual, and checking the context of the content.

It’s time to create your content creation workflow!

Nowadays, content is everything, even though you may have unknowingly interacted with a lot of content today. Imagine the amount content creators must produce to maximize their business marketing activities. Defining your content workflow will increase efficiency and make the content creation process more purposeful and structured.

Content is not limited to blogs but to email, social media, videos, podcasts, and visual content, such as infographics. Prepare your content as well as possible to engage with your audience and increase your business conversions. However, if producing daily content is too hassle for your busy business, Nice to Meet You has an ignite plan for your content needs.

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