Creative Culture Defines The People In Your Business

Creative Culture Defines The People In Your Business

Did you know that a good company treats its employees like humans and lets them express themselves? Therefore, your company culture must contain the freedom of expression. You can do this by building a creative culture in your business.

Many companies treat their employees like robots. They work, contribute, and go home repeatedly every day.

Besides doing monotonous work, a lousy culture will also affect the performance of our employees. Why is it? Imagine if a company contains people who are not open to criticism, are unwilling to adapt to changes, and work with no value.

Thus, building a culture that cultivates positivity in your employees would be best.

Creative culture is not about your company

The late Sir Ken Robinson believed that cultural dynamics limited human creativity. In a nutshell, he felt that everyone was born with extraordinary natural talent. However, the things that happen around us tend to stifle our creativity. One example is a company that has strict policies for its employees.

Culture is not about offering employees free lunches, nap rooms, or fancy holiday parties. Instead, culture is how the people in your company interact, how you treat other employees, your business values, your partners, and clients.

If you are in the creative industry, you must meet at least the basic needs of your employees to stay creative. Never treat employees like trash because your employees are an investment. Instead, make them happy working with the people in your company and enjoy what they do. That way, you will benefit because they will stay at your company in the long term.

Plus, a healthy creative culture can also increase company profits. A Great Place To Work study found that workplaces with healthy cultures experience higher operating income per employee, operating margins, growth rates, and return on assets.

Some conditions can hinder organizational creativity

Who says companies don’t take part in building a creative culture? Unfortunately, as we have mentioned, the company’s strict policies and environments limit their employees’ creativity.

However, several things can be the leading cause of your company not having a creative culture. Check out the explanation below.

– Your employees work in fear

Employees can be stressed, sick, and leave the company because they are afraid to work. They feel that work is an enormous burden and must immediately eliminate it. Unfortunately, this is a lousy indicator because your employees think they don’t get treated as humans.

Humans have feelings, and those feelings are valid. However, your employees can get terrified at work because of repeated little things. For example, some people are not open to criticism. But when they criticize others, they do it very rudely every day in front of many people.

Other cases can occur, such as lack of acceptance and tolerance. This behavior will discourage your employee from expressing their ideas for fear of becoming an outcast in the group. Instead, be open, supportive, and able to manage emotions when communicating professionally so your company can form a creative culture.

– There is no trust and motivation

Bosses often don’t trust their team. It can happen when they don’t share the workload with the team, don’t communicate the progress to the team, and so on. So this “one-man show” activity will burden your upper person and prevent the team’s bonding and growth.

Motivation and trust are essential factors in the development of a creative team. Members will lack engagement if there is no clear motivation to participate in the group. Ultimately, your team becomes uncreative because you only have one idea from one person.

– The goals are unclear

Communicating the company goals is vital to all employees. However, many companies underestimate this point. Company goals are closely related to its values, vision, and mission.

The company’s value can evoke why the employee works at your place. A lack of clear direction on “why” they are working together will jeopardize the team’s enthusiasm. This phenomenon will also reduce their performance and eventually lose their creative culture.

Build creativity in your business’s operational

You already know the importance of forming a creative culture to improve employee performance. You also know the benefits of improving your business performance.

Follow the steps below to find the right culture for your company.

1. Determine the core value

Values ​​within your company apply when selecting new employees, achieving goals, making business decisions, and rewarding teams. Instill the importance of creative culture at work. You can see this in how your employees work, behave, interact, and think. By shaping it, your company creates people who sell quality ideas, meaning, and valuable solutions.

2. Aim for the best and celebrate the success

Give the best effort from your team to achieve company goals. Show loyalty and dedication to your employees to do the job. Don’t forget to give rewards such as appreciation, incentives, and bonuses to show that the company does not take their hard work for granted.

3. Create genuine connections

During a global pandemic, the biggest threat to companies is layoffs and no direct communication. Therefore, build positive relationships with teams, colleagues, clients, and business partners. This effort will create an environment that encourages creative thinking and maximum contribution.

Make creative culture your business strategy

The phrase “work hard, play hard” may be a cliché, but building a great creative culture is essential. Imply a lively environment into the company culture. Find commonalities between employees and make the work atmosphere fun.

Place creative culture as the central pillar of your company’s strategy for great teams to thrive. This effort will help maximize the company’s innovation. Then, direct the people in producing breakthrough innovations for your company.

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