Avoid These Mistakes When Giving Design Feedback

Avoid These Mistakes When Giving Design Feedback




Nay Madani


If you’re working with an outsourced designer, align your expectations. State your wishes as clearly as possible before doing a design project. Provide clear design feedback to the designer if they have completed it and it still doesn’t match the desired output.

Giving design feedback to designers is the same as when talking to other humans. However, this can be tricky. Why is that so? Because you can’t give design feedback that is too vague. Then, you should explain it clearly, but not in too much detail.

So, how do you give the correct feedback? Start by compiling your needs and providing effective design feedback to get the best output.

Don’t get stuck in a feedback-revision cycle

You must have been in a situation where you had to do a never-ending revision. First, you feel your designer doesn’t understand what you’re saying because you must repeatedly make changes. Then, you get frustrated because your design doesn’t meet your expectations.

Designers are imperfect humans too. For example, they can show their shortcomings in the design because they don’t understand the brief. Or, it could be because you wrote an unclear brief. Everyone can make mistakes. But the most important thing is to fix the problem and prevent the next issue.

So, after you receive the design result and it doesn’t meet your desired output, avoid giving feedback that can make your design deviate from your expectations.

Avoid doing these things to your designers

Communication with designers is like talking to other humans. Therefore, give clear instructions so your designer can refine it according to your desired output. However, you must avoid the things below when providing feedback to designers.

– Your feedback is unclear

“I think it lacks something.” Yes, what is it?

“The color is weird.” Okay, so what color do you like?

“Make it better.” With what? By giving it a positive mindset?

The design feedback mentioned above is very vague and not helping at all. Designers will find it challenging to revise to better suit your preference. Instead of giving unclear and confusing directions, you should provide a more constructive design feedback.

– Your requests are too specific

On the other hand, design feedback that is too specific doesn’t help either. For example, you want the shape of a ring with a diameter of 3 cm in your design. Then, you ask the designers to paint the ring a bright sky blue. Lastly, your request is to align the writing in the middle of the ring but not too close. Giving a whole direction is tantamount to distrusting the designer’s abilities and thus limiting their creativity. So, provide a clear but not too detailed design feedback to leave a room for exploration for the designers.

– Your requests are impossible

“Try making a traditional futuristic design.”

Choose just one thing, traditional or futuristic? Because designers cannot combine these two things. The other one is coloring. You can’t use all the colors at once because some don’t match. Instead, you can use a color palette to guide your design to look ecstatic.

Although the design may seem like magic to people, keep in mind that there are limits, but that doesn’t mean designers can pour out their creative ideas. Design is indeed art, but there are principles to comply to in order to attract the audience’s attention. You can discuss with the designer to reach the correct meeting point.

– You want it done in a blink of an eye

“I want the revision done in 10 minutes.”

You can’t do that. Designers must go back to brainstorming and look for ideas in response to the design feedback. It takes a long time. Improving the design in a rush will only make it worse. Understand that the creative process takes time and allow enough time for the designers to fulfill your design requests.

– You put the wrong words

The use of inappropriate terms causes miscommunication and slows down the process. For example, you want to point out a layout that doesn’t fit. However, you mentioned changing the shape instead. Then, the designer will change the form in the design according to your request, even though that’s not what you meant. Then, you will go back to the revision process again. So, learn and master these design terms to make the process go smoothly.

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