Different Types of Graphic Design World

Different Types of Graphic Design World

Graphic designers aim to communicate ideas or concepts through visual elements, combining creativity and strategy. But even so, industry changes have developed and made graphic designers of many types. Knowing the types of graphic design is crucial because we all know that not all are the same.

5 types of graphic designs

The emergence of the digital era has made this field more developed. As a result, there are many types of graphic design that you can understand to meet your business design needs. Each has different skills and specializations to help customers achieve their goals.

UI/UX and Web Design

Their job is to beautify the appearance of applications and websites. But, at least apart from graphic design, they should also know the basics of coding and how to improve the user experience. So, although you don’t have to code, designers know how the system will work by understanding the basics.

They aim to make applications and websites easy to use and provide a user-friendly experience with an informative display. They are balancing visual appeal with technical functionality.

Branding & Visual Identity

Branding is the most common type of design. The scope of design branding includes logos, color palettes, typography, visual guidelines, and so on. Every aspect must be aligned to convey the message. Branding creates brand consistency when applied across a variety of visual media. Acts to bring its quality to life in an almost invisible way.

Graphic designers in this field must master conceptual and creative skills and a passion for researching the industry, organizations, trends, and competitors. Through detailed branding, users will remember a lasting impression of the brand.

Marketing & Advertising

Marketing and advertising require a graphic design to attract the audience’s attention, which ultimately becomes their decision-making process. Consumers are more involved with visual content. Designers help promote and organize information effectively. Marketing and advertising have always been everywhere, from television to street signs, to video and social media ads. Encouraging you to subconsciously hit the “Buy now” button when seeing a good ad design. 

Marketing designers have tasks that include strategically creating concepts that fit the target demographic. Therefore they need excellent communication, problem-solving, and time management skills. In addition, this graphic designer will often study behavioral psychology to understand consumer behavior when making a purchase.


Before digital ruled the flow of information, most designers focused on print design. But publication design has also made a nice transition to the digital world. This graphic designer works with editors, publishers, photographers, and illustrators to work on books or magazines.

They are responsible for creating attractive covers that appeal to a market audience and designing page layouts that present information in an engaging and easy-to-read.

Animation and Motion Graphics

Motion graphics include animation, audio, typography, video, and other effects used in online media, television, and film. The development of the media is multiplying, and the consumption of video content is also increasing, making the existence of motion graphics needed increasingly.

They are starting from developing storyboards and then bringing their concepts to life with animations and videos using specialized software to create them all.

What type of graphic design do you need?

Graphic design is such a vast field that many people don’t realize it encompasses so much of what they see in their everyday life. In addition, many graphic designs can meet your business needs, from creating a user-friendly interface on an application or website for advertising purposes and publications to motion graphics.

Regardless of the type, they still have the same mission: find solutions to help users process information better and more efficiently.

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