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Don’t Neglect Your Web Design Appearance!




Nay Madani


The main difference between new brands and big brands is their web design. Big brands have a way of captivating the audience with their fantastic website.

To create a good web design, you should make it with your audience’s point of view in mind. Your website should provide an extraordinary user experience.

Web design is a face of your brand

A good website design has many benefits for your business and audience. Here’s why your web design becomes essential.

  • Web design makes an excellent first impression

Your website will give your brand the first impression for visitors, clients, media, or potential investors.

While there are many available templates that you can choose for your website, nothing beats having a tailor-made web design to suit your brand and business needs.

  • Web design is the bridge for SEO

The most effective SEO strategy starts with the website. Web designers can consider off-page and on-page elements that impact your site’s visibility to Google as they build your website.

The code must be well-structured in optimizing web search engines to explore your website. Then, combine it with an SEO strategy and publish high-quality content frequently.

  • Web design builds the audience’s trust

People will subconsciously judge your business by how you design your website. If your design was poorly, they might question your reputation.

Creating a clean and intuitive user experience makes you earn their trust with every click. Combine excellent web design with strong, accurate, and specific copy.

The rules of excellent web design

You must consider some elements when building a great brand image through web design. Here are the things you should think about carefully to create a fascinating web design.

1. Color

If you already have brand colors that align with your logo and other brand identity elements, you should also use them on your website.

The color you use depends on your brand. You can choose colors that evoke certain emotions or thoughts in people.

2. Layout

Keep your web layout simple and neat, drawing attention to the most critical parts.

You should determine the number of options or elements based on your audience’s preferences. Then, you can try a few different layouts to understand what works best for your audience.

In addition, the web design layout must be accessible for the mobile version. People use smartphones more than PCs. So, it would be nice if the web design you created also looks attractive in its layout on the mobile version.

3. Copy and typography

Please don’t use images that are too large on their websites. Super large images take longer to load. This phenomenon will eventually make the audience close the page.

Copy is another neglected element of a website. When you have a copy of poorly written headlines, it will not impress your customers.

Make solid headlines, subtitles, and short paragraphs that get to the point. Keep in mind that readers will skim, not read in detail. So, make sure there’s something that grabs the audience’s attention.

4. Site navigation

The significant benefit of good website design is that it can help your audience to navigate the site easily.

The primary purpose of the audience visiting your website is to find the information they are searching for faster. Therefore, your web design must provide an easy flow and guide the audience to navigate your website without getting lost.

More people will engage with your content and take the required action if your web is user-friendly. Therefore, a good website design should provide the best user experience, ultimately creating conversions.

To do this, you must alert them with a Call to Action. For example, the buttons for “Read More”, “Download Now”, “Contact Us”, etc.

Choose the best plan for your web design

You want your website to stand out from the competitors. However, if you have an old, slow, low-quality site, your competitors will likely outperform you in search results. Thus, you will lose the game.

If you want to take your business to a higher level, an important step is to hire a reliable web designer. You must ensure that you upgrade your business to a new online reality.

Nice To Meet You can provide a plan for you to create a fascinating web design. We always use the proper gear to join the trends and practices in the industry.

Utilize the Vanguard Plan to craft web design and applications with unlimited revision. We can help you in creating:

– UI / UX Design for Websites & Mobile Apps

– Icon Set Design

– Web Landing Pages

– Custom Illustrations

– Dedicated Product Design Team

Don’t worry. All Nice To Meet You plans include premium photos and visual assets from FreePik and Envato Elements. It is also deliverable in native source files.

Plus point in subscribing to our plan is we both don’t need any contract. Your plan will go on for a month. After that, you can cancel the subscription anytime.

So, what keeps you waiting? Submit your Vanguard Plan subscription here now!

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