Cheap, Fast, and Good Design?

Cheap, Fast, and Good Design? Sacrifice One!

Humans want to spend minor capital but gain as much as possible. This sentence applies when business owners want a good design for their company. How can that happen?

The sad thing about running projects is that business owners often undervalue a design project. Graphic designers don’t have the option to make cheap, fast, and good design pieces. Because business owners feel they can have a design with these three points and do not want to sacrifice one aspect to get a good design. On the other hand, many sacrifice quality to shorten the design’s time as much as possible.

So, let us introduce you to a theory where we have to sacrifice something while running a project to get a good design.

Sacrifice one thing when doing a project

There is a theory in project management called Triple Constraints. In general, this theory tells us that the quality of each project includes the three main aspects of the Triple Constraints. In other words, the success or failure of the project depends on the scope, time, and cost or budget determined by stakeholders and project managers. In running the project, you cannot get all three. So, you have to sacrifice one thing to produce maximum project output, in this case, to get a good design.

We should manage the Triple Constraints so the project can run according to plan. By understanding each aspect and how the three parts are interrelated, you will know how to manage projects properly and correctly to produce a great visual.

Good + Fast = Expensive

That means you will get a good design quickly, but you have to pay a lot.

For example, a client needs many good designs but asks for a fast turnaround. The design company accepted the project. But to meet a tight deadline, they put all their best into it. As a result, they rearrange their schedules, postpone other projects, and increase their working hours.

The resulting designs are outstanding and on time. But the client has to pay a hefty amount for the results because it increases the labor and time used to complete the project.

Cheap + Fast = Bad

That means you will get a design at a low price in a short time, but the results are not good.

You can find online sites that provide cheap or even free services for creating logos and designs. But, the cheap and fast process will clearly show in the results.

However, there are many gaps when using online sites, such as the lack of concept power and the result’s quality. So, you can get a cheap and fast design, but the outputs are not satisfactory.

Cheap + Good = Slow

That means you will get a good design at a low price, and the results are good, but the process takes a long time.

For example, some clients do not have much budget to make designs. But, they want a good design. So, they are willing to be patient because the process takes a long time. The project is typically on the lower end of the priority list, and the designers can work on it when they have time. The results will be good and cheap, but not quickly.

Triple Constraints Theory of Project Management

Examine these things before doing a project to get a good design

Before running a project, make sure you prepare a few things. A company must use this method to prevent unexpected things from happening and hampering your project. Before running the project, consider the points below for a great design.

– Budget

Determine from the start how much money you are willing to pay for the design project. Be aware that the funds must cover the cost of the idea, equipment, and services that you will pay to the design agency. So, adjust the funds to the design needs according to the project plan.

Don’t forget to ask for a lower price before collaborating on a good design project. In addition, you can read this article for tips on negotiating with a designer to run a project.

– Time

Allocate the right time before running a project. Nobody likes sudden requests or feedbacks. Make a timeline with sufficient and appropriate time intervals before launching a good design project. So, you can quickly adapt if an obstacle occurs during the timeline. Time preparation makes your project perfect and reduces the risk of unexpected things.

– Material

See what services a good design agency offers. Then, make sure the features provided match the needs of your company. Or, you can arrange whatever things your company needs when creating designs beforehand. Then, please discuss with the designer whether your needs reach their offering. Also, take a look at the agency’s portfolio. An excellent portfolio will determine whether the type of visual from the agency you choose matches the vibes in your project.

Get the best design for your needs

Getting a good design is everyone’s desire. So, entrust the visual needs to an agency that masters the field. You will get a great design according to the company’s needs.

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