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A Good Presentation Design Leads to a Satisfaction




Nay Madani


Presentations are a truth of life for any developing business. Therefore, you must plan your presentation design thoughtfully because you will show it to the externals. Then, you can be assured when you direct your thoughts to a potential client, offer to numerous companies, and pitch to potential investors.

There are three things to consider about presentations. First, people will be concerned about making an excellent presentation from scratch. Second, defining what to display is a huge problem if there is so much to deliver. Lastly, people worry about not being confident enough to present.

We all have experienced a dull presentation at work or an event. But, you can erase all the problems mentioned before by maximizing your preparation. Indicating the practice means creating an astounding presentation design.

Your presentation design is essential in captivating the audience.

Knowing the purpose of your presentation is the key to smooth pitching. Therefore, you need to understand why you are creating the presentation.

1. It’s your opportunity to show your expertise.

You are savvy in your field and know what you’re talking about. However, cramming that information into a presentation deck without care is bad for your audience.

Your audience will grasp and assimilate the material more quickly if you combine your experience with a deck full of eye-catching graphics. Like a brochure, your presentation should be compact but convey all the information your audience needs. A well-designed, easy-to-follow story is better than simply displaying a document text.

2. Human brain can quickly grasp the information from a well-crafted presentation design

You must convey much information as quickly and concisely as possible to the audience. In addition, you need to design the information that it switches people’s brains from off to on.

For a lesson, bullet points-only are an ineffective way to present information. So, try using different kinds of formats. The colors you use also hold a significant impact on how people feel. A great-designed presentation will be able to tell a story, engage its audience, and make information easier to understand and remember.

3. A good presentation is how the brand talks

Your presentation deck should be consistent with your company’s branding and persona. The audience will be confused if you’re presenting a new project with a deck that doesn’t look and feels like the brand. “Is it real? Is this how they do the project?”

The value to be shown in your presentation

Make sure you emphasize the importance of your message to your audience by having these points:

  • Information: A new thing or life-changing knowledge to your audience.
  • Instruction: A practical method of implementing the knowledge to your audience.
  • Entertainment: A fun and captivating visual prompting the audience’s imagination while directing their thoughts towards the worthy information.
  • Inspire: A power to provoke the spirit and emotion of the audience.
  • Activate: A power to provoke and encourage the audience to do something.
  • Persuade: An appeal to influence the audience’s logic, emotions, or the whole cognitive part to act on the opportunity provided by the presenter.

With this value, your presentation will become a significant movement for the audience.

Project an excellent presentation design for your deck

So, how to effectively project your ideas into a presentation deck? Do these tips while still maintaining your brand value:

a. Think outside the box

Being unique but still valuable applies to an excellent presentation design. The key is to answer the problems that your audiences seek and make it realistic but also exciting.

b. Use various formatting

Please don’t stick to one design, but use a variety of displays so it won’t feel boring. You can also add some videos, gifs, or pictures that stimulate the audience to pay attention to your presentation.

c. Less is more

The fewer words you write in the presentation, the more people will listen to what you’re saying. So instead, write necessarily so you can elaborate it by directly explaining your presentation to the audience.

After hearing all that, you’re still confused about how to create a proper presentation design? Nice To Meet You can help you create a presentation design immediately. Go to our Instagram @nicetomeetyou.studio for further process and enjoy the result!

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