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How is The Career Path of A Graphic Designer?




Nay Madani


Many people still have doubts about a graphic design career. They also wondered, “What do you want to be studying graphic design for?” and many more questions that belittle designers. Yet, at the same time, a graphic designer career path has bright prospects if you pursue it.

Where Can Graphic Designers Career?

Graphic designer jobs are very flexible because you can do your work from anywhere. That way, this profession has many choices of places to work, such as working remotely from home, freelancing, or working as an in-house designer. However, all of them have their advantages. So, let’s review this section further!


The much-needed design skills can allow you to become a self-employed freelancer. You are free to set when you work and specify how much work you will take. You will work on designs from different businesses, and it will hone your creativity.

Work in an Agency

You work with a large team, from copywriters to creative directors. In addition, you can collaborate with various brand owner clients who entrust their design matters to you. That way, the design characteristics you are working on will also be different. So, you need high adaptability skills considering you are designing for various brands.

In-House Designer

If you are a designer who needs a safe and comfortable zone, becoming an in-house designer can be your choice. You only do the design for the company brand where you work, whose workflow will always be the same. However, this comfort zone will limit your creativity if you do not hone it with a personal project.

What is the designer career path?

The more you want to grow by honing your design skills, your career will increase. So, a graphic designer is not only stuck in the same position but also has a promising career path!

Junior Graphic Designer

Those who are still at the entry-level level will occupy this position. Usually, those of you who have work experience as a designer for 1-2 years will be in the junior stage. This position contributes to designing digital marketing materials for social media or branding. A junior graphic designer works under the direction of the senior graphic designer.

Senior Graphic Designer

Seniors are responsible for creating and managing digital or print marketing needs, including graphic content, illustrations, or infographics. As seniors, they also review the work of the junior graphic designer to ensure that the content is high quality.

Art Director

As a director, professionalism requires responsibility in developing and maintaining a creative vision in charge of making sketches, storyboards, or layouts based on the point of view of the reader or user. The goal is to generate marketing ideas and concepts that understand the audience. Usually, they work with copywriters.

Senior Art Director

The next level is the senior art director. This position is the creative thinker behind advertisements, websites, and other visual elements. Apart from managing and supervising the staff members under him, the Senior Art Director has crucial duties such as presenting design concepts to clients for approval. This position also coordinates with clients to meet their needs.

Associate Creative Director

This position supports the creative director in developing client concepts, strategies, and presentations. In addition, the Associate Creative Director evaluates the team’s performance. His job is also to guide improvements while meeting client goals, values, budgets, and deadlines. To arrive at this stage of a graphic designer career takes more than five years of experience.

Creative Director

These are the top Graphic Designer career paths. These professionals are responsible for marketing and advertising in the company as a whole. In addition, they will develop and implement concepts, guidelines, and strategies in various creative projects and monitor them through completion. Top leaders also direct and motivate their teams to work effectively and with quality.

You now know how your career is progressing!

To get to the stage of your dream career ladder, you need to explore a lot with your skills. However, don’t forget about consistency. However, getting there is a long process that is not easy. There are efforts, and there are tangible results. During development, it is crucial to learn and master various skills, especially team management and communication skills. Become a designer generalist-specialist to take your career to the next level!

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