How PM Handle Miscommunication in design project (pre-event)

How to Avoid Miscommunication for Remote Project Managers




Nay Madani


A project manager must have time management, multi-tasking, and communication skills. However, when everyone is working remotely, you can no longer get immediate feedback or shoulder taping for quick updates. There is a delay, and the project manager has to wait. Remote project managers should avoiding miscommunication between teams because it’s risks failing the project if not handled properly. This article will tell you how to effectively tackle the challenge!

The Challenge of Working Remote As a Project Manager

A project manager must be a great communicator for a project to be running smoothly. But project managers who work remotely are often faced with many distractions and misunderstandings that hinder the running of the project.

  • Prioritize tasks

Working from home causes the project manager unable to see in real-time what the team is working on and what they will do next. As a result, it will be challenging for project managers to efficiently manage the team.

Working remotely is more draining than working closely in an office. Especially when sharing priority tasks and completing them on time with quality. 

  • Optimizing communication with a virtual team

Face-to-face communication can only be done through video calls, so body language or tone of voice can be misinterpreted. If the communication is not optimized, remote working limits team relationships. You should remember that a successful project can occur because of collaboration between the project manager, team, and client. 

  • Keeping the team productive

Working from home has its own sets of challenges that you cannot control, even as project managers. Yet, at the same time, businesses need their resources to stay productive. Therefore, the project manager must ensure that the teams involved in a project complete the work within the schedule.

How Remote Project Managers Overcome Miscommunication Effectively

When there is distance, there will always be challenges to be faced by project managers. But it will be a breeze if you know how to deal with miscommunication amongst the team.

1. Encourage the team to build open communication

Lack of access and distance is the most significant communication barrier to working remotely. Hence, accessibility is the key to avoiding miscommunication. If team members can’t relate, they are likely to misstep when making decisions without consulting others.

A project manager must be open and proactive in communicating with his team. Encourage them to be honest about what they are dealing with. Ask how things are going and how their work processes. It can lead to closer relationships and a more effective collaboration.

2. Remote project managers can build a comfortable relationship with the team to avoid miscommunication

Communication becomes more accessible and comfortable when team members feel a sense of belonging. Give the opportunity and time to get to know each other’s co-workers on the sidelines of working hours.

Project managers can host virtual events with the team, such as online games or casual virtual dinners that don’t talk about work. Helping your team develop a sense of belonging will avoid miscommunication.

3. Detailed project plans

Having a detailed plan can prevent miscommunication issues, especially with remote teams. Plan the project, what and when tasks are to be completed, and how they will be performed. This helps everyone avoid misunderstandings and leaves less room for error throughout the project.

Avoid Miscommunication for the Project’s Success

Establishing effective communication in a remote working environment is a challenge that project managers must face because miscommunication can make project be more difficult. It’s riskier for remote work teams across distances to share information and collaborate. But you can always find a solution in NiceTalk – How Project Managers Handle Miscommunication. There we’ll reveal more about what project managers can do to maintain good communication with the team and clients. Mark your calendar now!

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