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Motion Graphic Process: from Ideation to Execution




Nay Madani


Audience absorbs information about a brand very quickly. Motion graphics can be a powerful medium in the digital age to get consumers to see your brand in minutes. However, behind the creation of motion graphic, there are many steps to the pre-production process. This article will guide you, so you know how to start!

How intense is the motion graphic process

Like other content creation processes, motion graphic creation also requires collaboration. With all the creative teams such as copywriters, designers/illustrators, and motion designers, this process can run smoother. It would be helpful if you understand the brand first to find ideas easier. Let’s understand the explanation below!

1. Get to know about the audience and set the goals

To start a motion graphic project, the creative team must explore the brand to understand what the potential audience is like and what the purpose of the video is. Knowing the audience is a requirement to achieve the desired goal. Creating audience personas will help you narrow your message so you can make content that your audience can relate to.

2. Exploring ideas and gathering references

Write down various brilliant ideas that you have. After that, have a brainstorming session with the team. This collaborative process encourages you to turn that idea into something bigger and illuminates your imagination. Don’t forget to collect various animation style references while exploring some visual directions with the moodboard. Moodboards can help you visualize any aspect of your project.

3. Tell a story with copywriting

Good copywriting is one of the keys to the success of compelling motion graphics! The creative teams, such as copywriters, designers, motion designers, and illustrators are involved in bringing the message life. In this phase, focus on core services, unique key messages, and estimate the word count by the video length to keep the message clear.

Bear in mind, you only have one or two minutes to convey your main message before viewers get bored and turn away from your video. So, maximize the message delivery effectively without too much narration so that the audience can more easily absorb the information.

4. Create storyboard to make motion graphic process run smoother

The storyboard should align with the script. It helps you avoid miscommunication and create concepts closer to the original ideas. The storyboard will aim to map out your story from the first until the end scene. Then, the designer or illustrator will make a rough sketch so that the motion graphic idea can be described and can be visualized.

5. Designers and illustrators create visual assets

After the rough sketch is drawn on the storyboard, it is the designer’s and illustrator’s turn to create assets in the form of graphic images or illustrations. The illustrator draws every detail of the illustration needed, and the designer will design the visuals in each scene. However, some motion graphic projects without illustrations only need a graphic designer on their team.

6. Making magic with visual and sound

Finally, let’s bring everything to life! The assets created will be animated based on the storyboard. The magic of motion graphics does not happen in a blink of an eye because it is quite time consuming. Designers will try something new, repeat, and revise. The motion graphic’s backsound must also be carefully curated so the video can enchant the audience. Sometimes, storyboards can look extraordinary but may not match expectations when executed through motion graphics. But motion designers always tend to revise and repeat it until the result looks stunning.

Your motion graphic ready to show!

Now your motion graphics are ready to be distributed across various media to attract your audiences’ attention. Hopefully, this insight into the motion graphic process lets you better understand how and where to start. However, if you feel that each process is too complicated for you, don’t hesitate to contact us because our motion designer team is ready to help you create high-quality motion projects!

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