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Negotiating the Design Price to Get the Best Value




Nay Madani


There are times when we have to negotiate. This phenomenon is very natural, primarily when you work with an agency or outsourced team that already has its range of services or packages. However, this event also occurs in the creative world. For example, when you are negotiating the design price with the external design team.

First, you need to tell about the goals and projects that the company wants. After that, then discuss the budget that your company will fund. You don’t need to mention the number specifically, but you can tell the budget range you will allocate for the design.

The key to running the project is to unite expectations at the beginning of the process to produce the best output for both parties working together.

Consider a few points before negotiating the design price

Before running the project, you must research and negotiate the design price. These two things are vital and determine the smooth running of your project. Read the points below to choose the steps before negotiating the design price.

1. Research to compare the prices

There are many types of design agencies worldwide, including offline and remote. First, please find out the service prices of each agency and compare them to each other. Then, choose the price and service that best suits your needs to create the best design. This step is essential before negotiating the design price. You can read this article to determine the best design agency. 

2. Understand what you can get with the price you choose

Usually, agencies and creative workers have set prices along with the services offered. However, each project may have a different price range, such as graphic design, motion graphic design, web design, product design, or branding projects. Therefore, adjust it to the needs and budget of your company before negotiating the design price.

3. Check the design quality

Don’t forget to check the design portfolio of the agency you will choose. The portfolio is closely related to the design style and output. Choose an agency with a style that matches your project—for example, one with fun, playful, serious, or retro vibes. You can further coordinate this step with the design team when negotiating the price.

Get the fair design price with a heart

Negotiating the design price with the potential agency or outsourcing is the same as talking with other humans. Take the pressure off of being perfect and speak from your heart. State what your company wants and welcome the reaction from the design team positively.

– Convey your vision

Communicate what your company wants about the design process and results to the design team. Unite expectations so both parties can walk to common ground when negotiating the design price. Also, don’t forget to tell the needs and budget that your company will fund when negotiating the design price.

– Be respectful to each other

Don’t forget to listen to your prospective designer carefully when negotiating the design price. Listen carefully to what they say so that the design team will also hear you when you speak. Build a mutually comfortable conversation so it doesn’t spark an adverse reaction. If it doesn’t work, but you are satisfied with each other during the negotiation meeting, it’s possible to use their services for other projects when needed.

– Add value to the price you choose

Negotiating the design price sometimes doesn’t work. Because creative workers know their abilities and qualities very well, we fail to ask for lower prices. So, try changing the angle of the offer by adding value to the package or service offered. Then, they will consider the agreement because you don’t change the price.


Work with the best partner

You still have to control and monitor the execution if you successfully negotiate the design price. Good communication influences the collaboration between the two parties. If the design team gives you updates regarding the design process, provide practical feedback so that the resulting design is by your company’s wishes. 

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