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Nice Design Conference 2022 by Nice To Meet You Studio

20-21 August 2022

Background Story

At the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, the surge in design needs was increasingly evident. Hiring an in-house designer was very costly and time-consuming. Many were cash strapped, growing frustrated, and wanted their designs done fast. Therefore, we started Nice To Meet You Studio with a small team as a design-focus agency. Enabling these companies and business owners to enjoy extraordinary designs. At the same time, accessing some of the best design talents across Indonesia at a fraction of its hiring costs. 

Fast forward to our 2nd year, our team expanded to 70 people and grew to serve over 100 highly impactful companies globally. Through working closely with the designers daily, we learnt that they often think their work is of no significance and merely fulfills the needs of clients. On the other hand, business owners and companies still generally perceive design to be costly. Only which big corporations could exclusively afford.

Hence we are holding our first-ever Nice Design Conference (NDC) to address those concerns. For we believe that creativity is limitless. Borderless.

Why Nice Design Conference

“Design is all about how we can communicate our intentions and goals in a direct, transparent and memorable way,” Richard Fang, the CEO of Nice To Meet You Studio, once said. We see this conference as a platform. One of many tools to indoctrinate a new mindset. Both for designers and business owners to reach the core potential of design in their daily life.

The internet has helped to unlock new business horizons. We are witnessing an evolution in services. From the shifting of face-to-face classrooms to online classes, thousands of opportunities for a career switch and finding love through an app. No matter what they are, these changes are endless, and design inevitably plays a crucial role in the process. 

What is NDC

We managed to discuss with many mentors, practitioners from various backgrounds in design, technology and business and shared our beliefs. Taking the support we have, we initiated the Nice Design Conference 2022 that will take place on 20th-21st August 2022. A two-day online conference that can be accessed by many hungry minds that are ready to learn. 

More than 12 speakers from well-known design agencies, start-up unicorns, and design leaders are participating in this conference. To name a few, Ernanda Putra from MAKNA, Monika Halim from Gojek, Jourdan Kamal from, Budi Tanrim from GovTech Edu, Vincent Tjendra from ASTRO and many more as featured on

We expect through NDC 2022, not only will there be knowledge transfers, but there will also be a shift in those outdated and narrow mindsets. Most importantly, new open doors for all audiences in the future, starting with the redefinition of design. 

Early-bird tickets are available as of July 1st on

For media and partnership inquiries, please contact:
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About Nice To Meet You Studio

Nice To Meet You Studio is a fully remote subscription-based design service company with a vision to affordably democratize global design access while on a mission to discover, nurture and empower design talents from across Indonesia to the world. 

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