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Should Designers Follow the Trends?




Nay Madani


Design trends are constantly changing from time to time. For example, from retro design trends and grunge until now, the flat design trend has greatly been loved. So, do designers have to be flexible to follow the trends or stick with their design style no matter what? Or even to create a new one?

Designers only need to look at trends closely because conveying the right message through visuals is the designer’s responsibility. Don’t let it ruin the effectiveness of the design.

The growing trend makes designers FOMO

In some ways, design trends are also helpful for work purposes. Inevitably, designers finally learn and understand the developing design trends to help their work.

The trend has already attracted many people’s attention. So, designers can easily create works that many people like through familiarity.

Something has become a trend because many people like and use it. In addition, people tend to want to follow it because they feel FOMO. But, at the same time, a good trend will have a long-lasting appeal and will not just disappear. After all, isn’t following the majority boring?

Following design trends make a little more sense if they benefit everyone, are seen as a necessity, and have nothing to do with aesthetics or style. For example, suppose you must follow trends to maintain the success of your product. But you have to have a limit not to follow it blindly.

Designers should be flexible with design trends

So, is it mandatory for a designers to follow the trends? Just because something is popular now doesn’t mean you have to go along. Make sure there is an essential purpose behind it, not just for fear of being outdated. Keeping up with design trends is to let yourself be inspired by the things people are passionate about and find the best to learn.

Being able to follow and apply them is a necessary talent that a designer should have. However, the trend does not always sparkle. For example, “this year’s color palette” this trend will quickly pass and become outdated.

Remember! Trends aren’t all bad. Don’t be afraid to try something new; it can also be a great way to get yourself out of your creative comfort zone.

Set boundaries for adopting trends. Like when working with a client who wants to implement a new design trend. Do compromise and iterate to create something unique but also familiar. Although we must be careful in integrating trends into professional work, there must be strategic considerations. Explore new ideas while incorporating design principles.

The most important thing is to keep your designs authentic

Following the trend or not is not a big deal. Designers must be more flexible in seeing a trend because it’s a come and go. You can filter the existing trends to let yourself be inspired by seeing what’s happening in the world around you. Not following the recent trend to maintain your design identity is also okay if it makes it timeless and lasts for years.

If you design for clients, you should keep their brand consistent, and clear communication is still the key, no matter what the trend current presents itself to be. Carefully consider adopting trends for clients to avoid deviating from their brand identity.

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