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The Solution for Your Big Output on Design




Nay Madani


The highly dynamic business industry requires us to adapt constantly. Like it or not, the business we run must target the best one. But the bigger the business we have, the more challenges we face, specifically on design output. As the saying goes, the bigger they come, the harder they fall.

One issue can have a significant impact on designs. Why is that? Why can a single picture be such a nuisance? It’s because design can bring up a lot of hassle in a business.

Problems Can Occur Just Because of a Design

Imagine that you have a small business. You are starting to craft your products and sell them. But, preparing your product itself has already taken your energy. Now, you have to promote your product through social media so it can reach more people. But you don’t know how to design. So, now, you are stuck in casually selling your products.

That case will also take place even in a big company. Besides crafting your products, your company needs to manage the human capital, dividing them into each expertise. Your company, which consists of many kinds of the department, will need a design team for each project.

Does having a designer for each department will solve the problem? Does create your design department can be the solution?

Having a designer for each department will cause a commotion. In addition, that one designer will be overwhelmed if a department wants to create too many designs.

Not to mention, if you have a different designer for each department, your design will be inconsistent. It will have different vibes, techniques, and visual tastes. Then, your design won’t have a crucial value in attracting people because it’s so random.

Making people do the design in a group will cause difficulty as well. You might want to hire new staff, create their workspace, and provide facilities. Huh, those sure will be a lot. Those are another hassle in terms of administration and budgeting with a significant output for design. It consumes your time, money, and energy.

Design Team as a Solution

Now you see how much of a hassle design can bring. It will be much work if you do it within your own company. Leave the thoughts of giving each department a designer. Also, throw away the ineffective way of recruiting new employees to create your design team.

Delegate your all-departments design needs to the outsourcing design team. Hiring a third party will make you focus more on controlling your business and your company’s operations. In addition, the outsourcing design team will help ease your burden of designing most effectively.

A well-established and well-organized design process in outsourcing design teams will aid the company in earning the designs more quickly. In addition, it eliminates misconceptions or miscommunications between the internal team and you, as a person from the company.

It’s because designers who follow a well-defined design process know what to do, when to do it, and what to expect. And that flow is only available if you work with an outsourced design team.

Work with a Proper Design Team

As a solution for your business, Nice To Meet You created a good design team that could help your design needs. Nice To Meet You has a clear workflow, budgeting, and system for the subscription. Here’s why:

– We have a clear job description and workflow

You can start by filling in the form and then communicating your design needs through a Project Manager. The Project Manager will delegate your task to our content writer and designer. Each person will have a different job and work in a group. The flow is easy to follow, as you can see on The Trello Board shared. Nice To Meet You will update your task’s progress within 24-48 hours.

– We provide a net budgeting

Nice To Meet You has many subscription plans according to your needs, whether for your social media, product design, or even your application. Each plan has different services catering to your needs. Our team is ready to accept your request at any time.

– We both don’t need to sign a contract

Choose your subscription plan, just like when you pick your favourite streaming service for music, films, or podcasts. Then, grab your package each month, and you can cancel it anytime after the subscription period ends in 30 days.

Fulfill your daily big design output by working with Nice To Meet You as your design team. Go to our Plans & Pricing Page to see your design plan. We always deliver the best design for your business!

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