Step Up The Business Ladder by Using Illustrations

Step Up The Business Ladder by Using Illustrations




Nay Madani


What do you know about illustrations? A story from a comic? A mascot?

Whatever is on your mind is true. Humans are visual creatures. Most people look at images first, then text. That’s why people use illustration in several arts like comics and movies. 

In business and marketing, brands often abandon using illustrations because they take a long process and cost a lot. Meanwhile, using them as marketing and promotion tools have a significant impact.

Thus, make your brand competitive with illustrations that will help promote your brand faster.

But hold on, what should you know before using them in marketing and promotion tools?

It is rare to find a business that advertises through illustrations

We have seen many brands that use logos by utilizing design graphics. However, not many brands use illustrations as an essential element in their logo display.

When a brand uses them as part of its logo, it usually applies drawing to marketing and promotion. Look at examples of brands Etsy, Slack, Asana, Mailchimp, and Headspace.


Graphic design doesn’t dominate the brands’ visuals but showcases the illustration. As a result, their brands become unique and different from others with colorful designs and varied images.

But why do brands rarely use them as marketing and promotion tools?

First, creating illustrations takes time. Next, you must determine the concept of the image you want to draw. Next, you have to sketch the pictures before thickening the outline. After finishing the drawing, you must color it to completion. All of this requires a long and time-consuming process.

Secondly, you have to recruit people who can draw them. If your needs are overwhelming, you’ll need to hire more than one person. Recruiting and bringing in new people costs a lot of money.

However, illustrations can be elements that help you climb the advertising and business ladder. So, what can come up from using them?

Use the illustrations to expose your channel

Maybe you are still confused about which media you can apply illustrations to. Because they are images that tell a story, you can adjust their application to the needs of your marketing and promotion tools.

The following media are effective for applying illustrations as marketing and promotion tools.

1. Branding

You can apply illustrations in the branding process. Branding is primarily to create an emotional connection with the audience. Therefore, brand campaigns that use it can reduce the costs of marketing.

Why is that so? It is a suitable medium of communication. Because visuals dominate it, it’s easier for people to recognize your brand’s character. Pictures make your brand easier to understand, acknowledge and trust.

Illustrated logo is a suitable medium, especially for startups. You have to make your brand different from others. Meanwhile, people will quickly forget the words and shapes that exist in common logos. But when you use illustrations, your logo will be eye-catching and attract the audience’s attention.

You can also use a mascot as a virtual ambassador for your business. Mascot embodies brand and audience values, conveying messages to create a positive impression. A mascot is a memorable experience for the audience.

You can adjust branding illustrations according to needs and marketing based on the brand’s visual identity (company style, logo, color palette, fonts, etc.). It also must have a specific purpose to prioritize the functional side over the decorative side.

2. Advertising Campaigns

You can also advertise your product by applying illustrations. Illustrated banners are a timeless trend for advertising products and are more effective than banners with photos. What is the reason? People can immediately focus on the image displayed in large size.

You can also use illustrations on your printed products, such as business cards, booklets, flyers, catalogs, posters, and illustrated calendars. Great images make promotional materials so appealing that people will never forget them.

Another thing that can use illustrations is merchandise, such as t-shirts, hats, mugs, pens, notebooks, etc.

3. Online Presence

Unique illustrations are a great way to make your brand’s online presence memorable. Use illustrations as displays on your brand website. Illustrations increase the conversion rate on the website more.

Presentations on a website or deck are more likely to draw the audience’s attention through illustrations.

Illustrations help to convey messages beyond words, making your website more solid, easier to understand and on-point.

You can also apply illustrations in email messages, such as newsletters and greetings.

If you regularly send letters or advertisements to your clients, illustrations will become part of your signature style. As a result, your email becomes more user-friendly and attractive.

Illustrations bring benefits to your business

You already know the platforms and media to use illustrations. Start applying it because they will have a positive impact on your business. What are those impacts?

– Illustration drives the audience’s attention

As previously mentioned, people tend to pay more attention to images than text. Therefore, using various images, characters, and colors is more accessible to remember in the audience’s memory.

– Illustration is a divine storyteller

Stories in visual form will look more natural than text. Images tell stories to convey messages and the emotions and atmosphere they create. Pictures are the best form of sharing information when words can’t bring out something.

– Illustration shows your brand’s personality

There are many illustrations in this world. However, those created by your brand must be unique from your competitors. Using different illustration elements can be the hallmark of a brand in the long run.

Now, you know the power of an illustration for a brand. Prioritize the point of ‘humans are visual creatures’ to create drawings that attract the audience, for it will make you stand out and be more recognized than other brands.

So, are you ready to apply them to all brand elements? Then, don’t hesitate to take your first step on the ladder! See our portfolios and Instagram for inspiration!

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