33 Why you should invest in video

Video Marketing Essentials To Boost Your Business

You’re here because now you understand how important video marketing is. Brands can no longer get by with just written and visual content.

Meanwhile, the audience is constantly exposed to live streaming, interactive 360-degree videos, and augmented reality. They find them more exciting and engaging. So throughout the world, brands are investing in the production and distribution of video as they recognize its worth.

Therefore, brands must have a video marketing plan. In addition, every platform and channel now has a video with a different treatment and audience. Thus, video production becomes more straightforward in conveying a message to the audience. Today, even your smartphone can capture 4K video in high definition.

Hence, understanding the approach, tools, and goals for creating video marketing is essential. Keep reading to discover everything there is to know about video marketing strategy.

Marketing through video is promising

Many underestimate the benefits of video for business. Some people often say the world will destroy the audio-visual with time. However, video is a breakthrough that never dies because it presents interesting visual concepts and audio everyone can understand.

– Video conveys your message clearly

Humans are visual creatures. The Great Creator designs our brains to receive information more quickly through visuals. You can read the article regarding how our brains work when we see visual content here.

Visuals are the key to fully conveying our message to the audience. Video is the right choice if you want to tell long and detailed information about your brand.

– Video increases your conversion rate

Many brands have used video as a strategy to increase sales. In this internet era, video can improve SEO performance and engagement of people who use it.

– Video marketing encourages social shares

Platforms for sharing videos like YouTube and TikTok lead the way in marketing. People will often share media in videos on social network systems. Videos display images that are very dynamic and varied.

The combination of visuals with audio attracts the audience to watch and share with others.

Choose the best video types for your marketing

First things first, do proper research and make a plan. Define budgets, schedules, production processes, conversion metrics, and more. After that, determine the type of video that best expresses your brand. Your brand’s video marketing strategy will ultimately take the lead.

1. Commercial Video

Commercial videos or ads are a powerful medium among your brand’s marketing tools.

Video ads show all about your brand and products. Frankly, brands craft commercial videos to sell something to their audience.

Ad videos tend to be short. A good ad can hit its target in less than a minute. The ideal duration is 30 seconds if you want to upload it on an online platform.

They contain compelling narratives and images. In addition, we often see commercial videos that are full of comedy and eccentricity.

Maybelline Superstay Matte Lip Cream Commercial Video

2. Educational Video

Brands create educational videos to provide information to the audience. We recommend using narrative resources such as attractive graphics and a strong script. Brands should follow those processes to grab the audience’s attention and combine it with exciting, relevant topics for their target audience.

Brands that craft this video genuinely will make the audience use it as a reference. In addition, this will also increase the audience’s trust in your brand.

Your job as a brand is to educate your audience and drive their interest further.

Blippi Educational Video

3. Explainer Video

An explainer video is a short marketing video used to describe a company’s product, service, or message. This type of video is simple, powerful, informative, and engaging.

Your audience will be curious about how your brand created your product or service. So, please explain the value of your products and services interestingly. From here, the audience will get a solution from your presentation in the video.

Kurzgesagt Explainer Video

4. Product Video

True to its name, product videos are all about presenting the offer to the audience in the best possible way.

Product videos must provide a direct experience of the product or service of your brand to the audience. However, those videos can be an alternative if your product or service has a complex working process.

The main aspects to consider before you make a product video are usage, context, and instructions. Aim to present your product in a familiar context. As a result, audiences can imagine themselves using the product and enjoying the benefits. Therefore, provide relevant instructions and the essential information to add value to the content and be helpful to the audience.

Hyundai All-New Santa Fe Product Video

5. Social Video

It will help if you look at the power and versatility of a social presence. Practically speaking, social videos can share aspects of other styles of most videos.

However, you must create a different video for each social media platform because each media has a further treatment, audience, and pattern.

Also, social videos tend to be short. On the other hand, social content is excellent for increasing audience engagement, such as shares, likes, and comments.

Social videos are also great at increasing brand awareness and driving traffic to your other brand’s online presence.

Greenpeace ECOxEGO YouTube Shorts Video

6. Tutorial Video

Video tutorials show something is made or done step by step. The first step is to set goals. Step two, create a list of numbered steps to help your audience reach that goal. The third step, make a video about it. That’s how to make it.

How-to videos fulfill a particular role in helping the audience.

With this type of marketing video, your brand message will revolve around the specific goals of your target audience and how to achieve them through step-by-step explanations.

Gordon Ramsay Master 5 Basic Cooking Skills Tutorial Video

There are signs to use video in your marketing

Brands have an exceptional opportunity to expand in video marketing. Consumers today expect companies and industries to engage with them through video. But, you must know there are signs your brand needs to use video for promotion.

1. Try using it when your conversion rate is dipping

If your business’s conversion rate drops, it’s time to invest in video. There are several different ways videos can increase conversion rates. For example, selling products online can improve your conversion rate by including videos on your product pages.

Product videos have far better implications than product images because they allow users to have a good view of your product from all angles.

You can also make video tutorials about your products to increase audience knowledge.

2. You need to increase brand loyalty

Audiences love watching videos that are educational, entertaining, and empathetic. To increase brand loyalty, create engaging videos that add something positive to your customers’ lives.

Focus on users who have already used your product, not on finding new customers. This way, you can do to maintain user trust to continue buying your product only.

3. Use it when users don’t fully understand your product

If you have a complex product with many layers, videos can be an exciting way to help users fully understand your product.

If your business product is a physical item, then the best way to increase user understanding is to create a how-to video. For instance, you can craft a video showing how your car works. Then, if you have a product in digital forms like applications, you can create a demo video that provides real-time guidance to users.

4. You want to increase social interaction

Videos featured on social media platforms help increase social engagement because it stands out on the feed. With videos, you can offer someone exciting content they can watch, enjoy, and share with friends.

Videos can also direct viewers to other videos that you have created. Social media users are more likely to share video ads than regular ads. So make fun videos and increase your customer’s sense of loyalty.

Make the most of incredible video marketing

At first, video marketing can initially seem daunting. But with enough skill and persistence, you can quickly create high-quality video content specific to your brand.

It’s time to use video as a crucial component of your marketing plan because the video is a part of visual content that will boost your business. You never know how a fresh concept or tactic will assist you in reaching your objectives.

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