Sharing Chinese Culture through Food

Cia Pao was born right after the marriage of Kathrin Honesta & Jeffry Kenanga in 2020. This young Medanese family aims to share everyone their culture, language and heritage through food. Specifically Paos, a type of homemade Chinese bun consisting of the highest quality ingredients with different fillings.

More than just a Bun

Being an internationally renowned digital illustrator, Kathrin had high expectations for us. Thus, right from the start, we knew our approach must not be purely aesthetically driven, but rather the question we ask ourselves was “Will this design work?”

Through the use of a mixture of contents ranging from hard-selling images, educational insights and even Hokkien language learning posts. We were able to drive this small business in the heart of Jakarta substantially. From the drastic jump in their Instagram followers within weeks, to the increase in their actual monthly revenue. Now, when people think of the best Pao, they think of Cia Pao.