CollaBit: Sustaining the Future of the Ocean Through Tunas

CollaBit Project

CollaBit empowers Fish, Ocean and People, turning undervalued marine by-products into high-value marine ingredients with circular blue economy and marine biotechnology. 

This reduces wasted marine-resources, lessens the pressure to catch more fish, and makes nutrition accessible for the masses.




Agricultural Technology




General Graphic Design
Custom Infographics
Pitch Deck Design

CollaBit Project

Focusing on the ocean

Sustainability efforts have largely been focused on the green Land, while 70% of earth is at risk from diminishing Ocean health. It is time, now then ever, to re-educate the masses and focus on the ocean as it impacts our health, culture, economy and most importantly, our biodiversity.

NTMY had the honor to design their investment pitch deck from scratch, highlighting all the necessary details, metrics and impacts driven by the company.

Purpose, Clarity and Conviction

Due to the nature of this niche industry, explaining it has made it even more challenging. However, as long as the purpose is there, design and illustration should ease in bringing clarity and conviction to all that stands with mother earth.

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