Shaping the workforce of tomorrow

Glints is an online talent recruitment and career discovery platform headquartered in Singapore.

In order to keep up with the increasing number of skill shortages and demands for talented individuals, Glints frequently host classes, organise webinars and virtual events. This allowed individuals from different backgrounds to connect with each other, as well as to learn from countless featured experienced professionals and other leaders from all kinds of industries to share their knowledge. 

Scaling as a solution

On a daily basis, requests kept pouring in as we were confidently entrusted with scaling their design collaterals up to 50+ different dimensional outputs in total, with differing information. This includes social media feeds, stories, web banners, digital flyers and many more.

These designs were used across multiple channels and platforms, which were then distributed and used in various countries including Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Working with NTMY has been really good, they really help my team to scale the company’s creative needs. The Project Managers are also very nice and friendly so it’s easy to talk and collaborate with them.

Steve Lauda, Creative Design Manager of Glints