Netra: Connecting operation with sheer efficiency with a little help of IoT

Netra Project

Netra provides an end-to-end, easy to use IoT solutions for your remote operations, with no extra capital expenditure.

They utilize a hardware device that reduces idling assets, eliminates bottlenecks to improve productivity and optimizes spatial field operations through satellite and cellular networks.








General Graphic Design
Product Packaging
Custom Illustration

Breaking the Boundaries of Possibility

Engaging with Netra has exposed NTMY of how advanced technology has become and with the help from the founder himself, who graduated from MIT and is an ex-NASA engineer. 

He shared with us his vision for his technology, what it means for the human race and most importantly how it works. Our job was to transform that knowledge into illustration that would make sense and easily comprehended by blue collar workers who are their target audiences.

Netra Bifold Brochure

An All-in-One Package

From packaging to illustration to pitch decks, NTMY covered all their marketing and design needs. They can now focus on what matters most, and leave the creative juices to us.

Netra PPT