Nice Talk #2 Recap: How To be a Be a Business Minded Designer

Nice Talk #2 Recap: How to be a Business-minded Designer




Nay Madani


In the ever-growing design industry, it is paramount that designers take an extra step to make themselves stand out among the rest. While it is a popular path for designers to keep honing their craft, some designers go out of their way to integrate their business knowledge into it. A business-minded designer is someone who not only thinks of a design as their creation but also their product.

Designers nowadays quickly realize that business knowledge is necessary to produce excellent designs. Unfortunately, that is not something taught at school. It becomes the leader’s responsibility to bring the designers up to speed through formal or informal channels.

What It Takes to be a Business-minded Designer

To put it simply, business-minded designers are equipped with entrepreneurial capabilities on top of their pre-existing skill set as a designer. In other words, they know how to market their products properly.

A business-minded designer typically has a set of defining characteristics.

  • Has the ability to zoom out and zoom in
  • Knows when polishing the design doesn’t bring more value
  • More interested in the impact of the design than the actual design

To learn more about those, you can tune in to our most recent Nice Talk, where we invited Richard Fang (CEO and Founder of Nice To Meet You Studio), Steve Lauda (Design Manager), Olivia Sito (Graphic Design Team Leader). There, we discussed the career path of a designer interested in becoming a business-minded designer and elaborated more on those points.

You can watch the full video of the discussion below at your convenience. So, sit back and relax because you’re in for a treat. We hope this episode of Nice Talk inspires you!

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