Hacktiv8 wanted all parts of their business to go beyond. They wanted to elevate their business capacity in a short time without increasing their headcount. However, it will consume too many resources and sacrifice more time other than maintaining their current marketing collateral.

On the other hand, keeping pace with increasing design needs was becoming impossible for them, as their internal team was not entitled as an expert to create a design guideline. As a result, all of their marketing channels’ visuals become inconsistent and unclear. It was utter chaos. By tapping into NTMY, Hacktiv8 regained control over their daily operations and refocused on creating the best visual work they could.

Facing the New Era of Technology

As the trusted coding Bootcamp in Indonesia, Hacktiv8 wanted to fulfill the demand for  massive digital talents in industries. They are one of the pioneers that helps produce tech-savvy talents through Full Stack Javascript, Data Science, and Digital Marketing Bootcamp programs. However, their ambition isn’t coming into fruition yet. They are determined to equip the talents to face the real challenges by getting more and more hiring partners too. So, they wanted the company to escalate as quickly as possible within this super-fast technological advancement.

To achieve that, however, comes with a price. If they want to grow in a short time, they should turn in massive resources too. Meaning to spend more time going through the recruitment process for new people while handling enormous marketing collateral. It would drain a large number of hours, money, and space. At one point, it became a massive challenge because they realized they needed someone capable enough to handle content and design for marketing, as the crew still needed to fathom design theory and practice.

When Enormous Goals Meets Unattainable Resources

Hacktiv8 experienced hiccups in advancing all of their marketing channels for B2B and B2C. There was no guideline, and the internal team struggled to set a standard for their branding. As a result, their contents and designs came out to be inconsistent and couldn’t meet the expectation in conveying the company’s message.

A good internal workflow requires a project manager to ensure the team can work efficiently and deliver effectively. However, that is not the case for Hacktiv8. Their lack of manpower and project management have been their biggest hurdle in realizing their ambition.

Recruiting new team members to help with the marketing strategies was an option. But another shortcoming arose since they required more resources. Hiring new heads would take a long process and consume more time. Not to mention the emergence of other needs to provide the necessities for the team. They had to prepare the necessary resources because their demand doesn’t come cheap. At that time, they realized they needed assistance from an expert design team who could precisely convey the company’s message through visual design.

Impactful Content & Designs to Awaken the Spirit of Technology

Hacktiv8 wanted to present the data and the latest information in Programming, Data Science, and Digital Marketing fields in analogies and infographics. Through collaborating with NTMY, they hope to achieve those goals. However, conveying the company’s message came with its own set of challenges for NTMY as there were piles of USP and product knowledge to understand.

Thus, NTMY conducted a thorough research and development process to better understand the core of the message. By doing so, the material became a lot more digestible in smaller chunks and subsequently became much easier to quickly deliver designs that exceeded their expectation. As a result, seeing how NTMY helped Hacktiv8 in their content creation process, project after project from other departments subsequently kept coming toward NTMY’s way.

Regaining Control Through Collaboration

NTMY’s assistance has helped Hacktiv8 in many ways. To start, Hacktiv8 no longer need to worry about conceptualizing and creating impactful content for their B2B and B2C audience. Instead, they can now shift their focus on their marketing strategy and analytics while NTMY creates the contents, allowing them to maximize their growth.

Moreover, NTMY continuously provides well-concepted copywriting and design for Hacktiv8, which in turn further solidifies their position as one of the top digital talent academies in the country.

It’s still a challenge for NTMY as they have to produce monstrous amounts of creative assets regularly. But through intensive collaboration, NTMY has helped Hacktiv8 to continuously empower and produce more and more quality tech talents in Indonesia while also increasing the cost-effectiveness of their operation.