Meta Forest Society, Empower the People

Meta Forest Society (MFS) is a collection of 3636 elves NFT that helps empower women farmers. We believe that NFT can be used for social impact. The goal of the society itself is to make an impact, empower women farmers, and earn $HART through our staking program while meeting like-minded people in the process.


Feel The Magical Experience

It’s not just a regular NFT, it’s beyond. You can have a truly magical experience by helping the elves on their long journey to Midgard. You can go to the Forest Hall and the Elven Quests and send your elves on their quest so you can collect $HART. You can buy magic items as well. But that’s not all. When we talk about magic, the true magic is helping others around you. In fact, 20% of the NFT sales have been contributed to empowering women farmers, 11.7 ETH has been delivered, and 200,000 ginger seeds have been planted with the help of Meta Forest Society.

20% of NFT Sales contribute to empower women farmers

How we brought the magic to life. We created the motion video for its debut. We needed something magical, adventurous, and exciting for the video. We begin by exploring the references, creating a mood board, and finally writing the script. We worked with MFS Illustrator to create the assets, which we then combined with our own graphic designer. It resulted in a breathtaking video which left the audience in awe.