Bunda Pintar is a program from Klinik Pintar to persuade the community to contribute and be proactive in improving the health quality of Indonesian mothers and children. We believe that a good pregnancy program and the process itself will determine the wellbeing of a newborn baby. Newborn lives matter.

Introducing “GEMILANG”

Bunda Pintar Reaching Out to Suburban Health Clinics
Bunda Pintar Reaching Out to Suburban Health Clinics

There are several agendas in this program, such as webinars, online training, and an introduction to GEMILANG. It is an abbreviation of “Gelang Ibu Cemerlang”, a bracelet used by pregnant women with ECG technology to monitor blood pressure. It can also monitor the heart rate of the mother and baby. The data is reported in real-time through an application.

Mastering The Visuals

Bunda Pintar

In this project, we were trusted to create various key visuals and assets for this campaign program. With a tight deadline, we managed to create various kinds of output, such as an introduction video, a video teaser for a webinar, icons, banners, flyers, and a presentation deck.