Siloam Hospital

Siloam Hospital

History of the Hospital

PT Siloam International Hospitals is the largest chain of healthcare facilities in Indonesia. It is a publicly listed company that is part of the Lippo Group. 

Serving the society

Since its establishment in 1996, there are currently 40 Siloam hospitals, 17 Siloam clinics and 20 Siloam Medikas, serving up to millions of patients every year. In order to volume, any new information published needs to be consistent. 

There are 2 main business units in the hospitals that needed our support. The Patients Experience department catering to all patients related information, as well as the broader arms of the main marketing department, which deals with external activities.

We were given the privilege to efficiently scale their design, catering to hundreds of collaterals such as posters and banners within days, consistent with the standards of their well-established brand throughout Indonesia.

We are so delighted to partner with NTMY! The team is so helpful and so talented to bring lively designs based on requests. Revisions are made on time and communication run smoothly in between. Really grateful to collaborate and partner with NTMY, thank you!

Amelia Hendra, Commercial Group Head in Siloam Hospitals Group

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