Modernizing Traditional Fengshui

When people think of the word “Fengshui”, they think of mythical believes and superstition that has no scientific proof at all. Yet, it still entices many people when there are no “answers” to be sought after in this world. However, Dufeng inspires to modernize Fengshui as a new age revolutionary service that could cater to the younger market, from consultation services to their physical products.







The Five Elements

Since the beginning, Dufeng does not wish to lose its essence from the cultural roots that has been established multiple of centuries ago. Hence, as we were designer their logo and creating their illustrations to cater to their content, we need to consider carefully the truth that we want to convey to the audience.

Be it at home, in the office or anywhere you are. Let the five elements of peace and prosperity be with you. Wood, fire, earth, metal and water. These are the elements that has been set in place to bring balance not only to your wellbeing, but also to the people around you. And we are glad to be part of this design journey that successfully delivers that to the new generation.