Siloam Hospitals TB Simatupang has become the preferred private health care facility for South Jakarta residents and expatriates. The hospital provides all types of high-quality healthcare, particularly in cardiology, neurosciences, orthopedics, and radiation oncology. Siloam Hospitals TB Simatupang’s specialists, general practitioners, nurses, and support staff are committed to providing patients with international-standard care and services, using cutting-edge medical equipment and supplies.

Establishing the Identity

The mission of Siloam Hospitals TB Simatupang is to establish itself as a trusted destination of choice for holistic, world-class healthcare, health education, and research. As an international standard hospital with excellent services, communication styles must be delivered elegantly and consistently, one of which is through visual communication on their social media accounts such as Instagram.

Help is on the way. We provide an appealing, informative, and modern design to help Siloam Hospitals TB Simatupang achieve its mission. We ensure that the content provided is beneficial for their entire audience on Instagram, whether they are patients or not. The design is also on point while maintaining Siloam Hospitals’ identity as a sophisticated hospital with exceptional services.