Chicken & Cheese Goodness

Cheese Chicken is a business in the food and beverage industry with over 60 outlets around Indonesia. Their main signature menu is the fried chicken that is sandwiched in between burgers and melted cheese. They aspire to become the most loved brand nationwide in people’s heart when it comes to chicken and cheese.

Design to Attention

We came up with some creative suggestion and visuals for their Instagram page with the hope to make people glued onto the images even at first sight. Not only that, we also helped them to reorganise their logo as well as making templates for their operational and marketing needs such as templates for their Instagram posts and stories.

Moreover, their design needs went beyond the digital world since it is so important for their physical outlets to look and feel according to their brand images based on the other digital platforms being marketed.

Hence, we were not only proud to design their packaging and menu, but also giving the customers a good time eating those Cheese Chicken.